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  • Acquiring a fresh SSL certificate is quite hassle–free. What you need to do is fill in the submission form inside your Web Control Panel. You need not get an account using a third party organization, no need to waste your time waiting for weeks for your personal SSL to be all set.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • We have successfully eradicated the necessity for manually setting up the SSL Services for your sites. When your domain name is hosted in your account with us, you’ll have your SSL certificate instantly applied and configured to work, without resorting to regular installations on your end.

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  • 24x7 Support

  • We offer 24x7 support with all of the web hosting services. Our support specialists possess a lot of expertise working on SSL Services and also are ready to assist you with any issue that you can encounter. They’ve got a normal response time of less than 20 minutes!

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year 2 years
Regular SSL $26.00 $50.00
Wildcard SSL $108.00 $216.00

SSL Services with RnA Hosting Co

If you would like to instantly have an SSL certificate for your personal website, then you are at the best place to do so. At RnA Hosting Co, you can have a new SSL certificate directly from your hosting control panel, without having to try out a third party provider. If your web site is hosted in the same account, you could also get your SSL certificate applied automatically. Zero hands–on installation or setup are needed on your side.

There’s a long–term affiliation with many from the main SSL Certificate companies these days in order to provide you with SSL Services that are not only not difficult to deploy, but actually risk–free. All of our SSL Services comes with an authentic 2048–bit encryption plus offers a $10 000 USD warranty.

Further than the ordinary SSL Services, at RnA Hosting Co we also deliver Wildcard SSL Services. They’re really convenient if you would like secure a wide range of host names at the same time. When using your Wildcard SSL certificate, you are able to give protection to multiple hostnames, with no need to go for a different certificate for each and every of them.

You can acquire an SSL certificate anytime with all of the web hosting services we provide – Linux cloud website hosting, Linux VPS servers, semi-dedicated servers, and Linux dedicated servers.

Whois Privacy Protection

Guard your own personal WHOIS info

According to rules ratified by ICANN, the WHOIS info pertaining to your domain name is publicly visible and your personal or business information can be seen online by anybody. To help you conceal your domain registration information from the public eye, our company offers you a WHOIS protection option at a very attractive price. In the Domain Manager, simply indicate the domain name that you want to protect and then click the Whois Privacy Protection icon on the right to activate this service.

You should bear in mind that this given service is available solely with these particular domain name extensions: .info, .biz, .co, .co.za, .me, .tv, .pro, .cc, .net, .we.bs, .com and .org.

Whois Privacy Protection

Domain Redirection

Point your web sites to every other host online

With our domain forwarding tool, you can easily point a domain or a sub–domain in your account to any website at all. This tool features a user–friendly interface, which can help you forward the (sub)domain names of your preference with merely a few clicks of the mouse. Hence, you won’t have to deal with tricky modifications to the .htaccess file.

In order to redirect a domain, just select the destination path it should follow and our intelligent tool will carry out everything else on your behalf and will instantly point the domain name to the newly specified location.

Domain Redirection

Video Tutorials

Incorporated video tutorials

If you desire to find out what you can achieve with RnA Hosting Co’s web hosting Control Panel, take a look at our video tutorials. We’ve compiled an amazing selection of educational videos covering each and every section of our hosting Control Panel.

If you are not able to find an explanatory video that can help you, we also have step–by–step instructions and an in–depth F.A.Q. library, both of which contain answers to the questions that our customer care team is asked the most. If you’d rather get live assistance, you can always get in touch with our client care team members – they’ll be available to you around the clock.

Video Tutorials

24/7 Support Service

Our technical support team is here now for you 7 days a week

A 24/7 technical support service is included in our domain management plan. Our technicians will be happy to assist you with any difficulty that you might have registering, transferring or administering your domain names. For example, if you need to change your domain’s nameservers, but aren’t aware of how to do this, simply let us know and we’ll give you a helping hand.

You can get in touch with our support team via email or through the tech support ticket system. You can also use the phone or our live chat service during working hours. We offer a sixty–minute client support ticket response guarantee.

24/7 Support Service

Domain Name Locking

Prevent your domain from getting moved

With the Registrar Lock option enabled, you can rest assured that your domain is defended from cybertheft. Anybody who triggers an unsolicited domain transfer will be instantaneously stopped and the domain transfer request – rejected.

In case, at a certain point, you decide to transfer your domain name to a different domain name registrar, you’ll be able to unlock it with a simple click. You will find the locking/unlocking feature in the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel.

Domain Name Locking

Quick WHOIS Administration

WHOIS administration done effortless

When registering a domain name, you will be required to furnish accurate and up–to–date domain registration information, no matter if you are an individual or an organization. That is why, you’ll need to update your WHOIS details whenever necessary. Still, not all TLD extensions support this feature by default, so first check if this option is available prior to attempting a WHOIS update.

Through the Domain Manager in your Control Panel, you can update the registrant, technical and administrative contact info for one or multiple domain names at once. All the modifications that you make will be reflected online momentarily!

Quick WHOIS Administration

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Easily put together location–dependent redirects

In our Domain Manager you can find a user–friendly tool, which will permit you to filter your site traffic according to the visitors’ physical whereabouts. With RnA Hosting Co’s GeoIP location tool, you can quickly configure location–based redirections and forward your visitors to specific areas of your site. For instance, you can point the US traffic to your index page, and the traffic coming from Spain to a sub–domain – es.your–website.com, for instance.

With this intuitive tool, you’ll no longer have to add dozens of lines of code in the .htaccess file. Everything is taken care of by the tool itself.

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Wildcard Domains

Wildcard domain name activation with just a click

If you want to use WordPress MultiSite or any other multisite web app, or even if you want to prevent users from typing the ’www.’ part of your domain name incorrectly, you can use the wildcard domain name activation options offered by our Domain Manager interface.

With the Wildcard option included in the Domain Manager, you’ll be able to forward all the hosts and subdomains under a specific domain, for example – blog.domain.com or forum.domain.com, to the home page of your site.

Wildcard Domains
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